“Cafe Brazil” menu

Honey and BBQ glazed chicken wings (12pc.) 8.90
Mussels in white wine(mild) or in red wine(spicy) 15.00
Chicken wrap with salad and cheese (spicy or mild) 6.50
                                                                 with fries 7.50
Wrap with cocktail prawns, salad and cheese (spicy or mild) 6.50
                                                                 with fries 7.50
Mixed meat burger with fries(S/M/L) 6.50/8.50/10.90
Chopped pork burger and fries 8.50
Chicken burger and fries 7.50
Beer platter 8.50
Wine platter 9.50
Mixed platter (cheese, fresh/pickled vegetables, smoked products) 16.00
Local potato crisps with Parmesan cheese and cheese sauce 4.00
Caesar salad with roasted bacon 6.50
                                  supplemented with grilled chicken fillet
                                 supplemented with grilled tiger prawns
Greek salad with feta cheese and balsamic cherry sauce 4.90
Layered Mozzarella cheese with basil pesto and parmesan cheese 4.90
Mix of fresh vegetables and leave salad with olive oil 3.50
Lamb goulash soup 5.20
Sea food soup 5.50
Cheese soup with vegetables 5.50
                                                  /chicken fillet
                                                 /cocktail prawns
Soup of the day (working days) 3.00
Pasta “Bolognese” 4.50
Pasta “Quattro formaggi”(4 types of cheese) 4.50
Pasta “Fruti di mare” 5.90
Pasta with chicken breast in cheese sauce 5.30
Rice noodles with vegetables 5.20
Rice noodles with chicken 5.50
Rice noodle with cocktail prawns 5.90
Rice noodle with cocktail prawns and chicken in sweet and sour sauce 5.90
 Grilled vegetables with cheese, nuts and basil pesto  7.50
 Oven baked quilt in berry and honey glazing  9.50
Grilled duck breast 12.90
Grilled or bullion boiled chicken breast 6.90
Grilled pork fillet 7.90
Fried pork chop with pickled onions 8.50
Beef tenderloin steak with port sauce 15.50
Oven baked salmon fillet with cappers 8.90
Butter fried perch fillet with prawn sauce 12.50
Fries with ketchup 3.00
Potato wedges with parmesan cheese and BBQ 3.50
Ketchup, mayonnaise, sour cream, BBQ sauce, cheese sauce, basil pesto, soy sauce, mustard, horseradish, Fusion sauce, pepper sauce, jalapeno, pickled onions, grated parmesan cheese. 0.80
Chocolate cake with berry sauce 5.50
Ice cream with sauce 3.70
Grilled fruits in honey glazing with nuts and berry sauce 4.90

ATTENTION: Internal Regulations do not allow to bring and use own food or drinks in to beach volleyball centre.

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