1. Smoking is prohibited in premises of the sport and entertainment centre “Brazīlija”.
  2. It is prohibited to bring weapons, flammable objects, pyrotechnics and intoxicating substances.
  3. It is prohibited to attend sport areas and public arrangements for persons under influence of alcoholic drinks or psychotropic substances in human degrading condition.
  4. It is prohibited to bring and use food and drinks (including alcoholic drinks) purchased elsewhere into premises of sport and entertainment centre “Brazīlija”, fine EUR 150.00.
  5. It is prohibited to knowingly damage the sports inventory, premises of the centre, furniture and equipment.
  6. It is prohibited to be in sand areas and playgrounds of the sport and entertainment centre “Brazīlija” wearing street footwear.
  7. It is prohibited to bring food, drinks, glass containers and animals into sand areas of sport and entertainment centre “Brazīlija”
  8. It is prohibited to spit in sand areas.
  9. It is prohibited to take the sports inventory, keys of changing rooms and other objects owned by sport and entertainment centre “Brazīlija” out of the premises.
  10. Children under 14 years of age are not allowed to be on the podium of stage without a supervision of their parents.
  11. Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to attend public arrangements after 23.00 o’clock without a accompaniment of their parents.

Employees of the centre are entitled to expel visitors, who are not obeying the internal regulations of the centre, from premises of the centre, as well as in case of material loss make legal actions foreseen in laws and regulations on the collection of indemnity for loss.

Approved on 2nd of January 2015.
Una Blaka, member of the board of SIA “Brazīlija”