Beach centre “Brazil” is entertainment and sports centre with 5 indoor beach fields, available to be adjusted for different kinds of beach sport and events. Beach fields are specially adjusted for beach volleyball, beach football and beach tennis. There are changing rooms with lockers and shower fitted for comfort of visitors.
There is a spacious area for changing, café and play room for children. In summer you are welcome to use outdoor stadium with 7 beach fields, spectator tribunes, hovel and outdoor café.

The total area of indoor premises is 2711,9m2. Capacity – 1000+ people.

We offer to use the inventory located in premises – tables, chairs, beanbags, decorative palm trees, barrels, TV screens, Nintendo Wii, table tennis and Novus.

Premises of „Cafe Brazil”

Beach centre “Brazil” offers open plan café on 2nd floor “Café Brazil”, suitable for both festive events as well as everyday meals. “Café Brazil” offers wide range of food for kid’s parties, corporate and private parties, as well as offsite banquets. Menu must be coordinated at least 5 days prior the planned event. There are 3 TV screens available in the room. The total area of the room 279,71m2.


ATTENTION: Internal Regulations do not allow to bring and use own food or drinks in to beach volleyball centre.

Private beach „RIO”

Total area of the room 452,70m2. Capacity – up to 60 people.
The private beach “Rio” is a separate are within premises of the centre, where there is one beach field and catering zone and bar, as well as rest room “Tarzan” with a wall for climbers. “Rio” will be ideally suitable for parties, where guests wish to enjoy the party without undisturbedly. TV screen available in room.


Beach fields

In winter there are 5 indoor beach fields available, in summer there are 7 additional outdoor beach fields. Fields are available to be adjusted to different kinds of beach sports and events. The most popular are volleyball, beach tennis and beach football.

Three indoor fields are available to be joined getting the beach field with area of 700 m2, which can be used for entertaining events as a stage, dancing area or play area.


Playroom for children

Playroom for children is available to be used in kid’s parties, Nintendo Wii, slide run and children chair and table available. Floor carpeted.
Total area – 78m2.


Room for seminars

Room for seminars is offered to be used for both business arrangements, as well as a dancing or gymnastics room.
Total area – 64,8 m2.


It is comfortable to see everything on beach areas from terrace. It can be used as a stage for events as well. Children are not allowed to be present on terrace without parents.
Total area – 58m2.


Summer stadium

There is a spacious outdoor stadium with 7 beach areas, spacious sward area and outdoor cafe available in “Brazīlija” in summer season. Summer stadium is a good place for organization of large and small events – sports games, tournaments, mini festives, championships etc.