Different sports

Premises of beach centre “Brazil” are suitable for different kind of sports activities and beach sports. One of the most popular sports is beach volleyball, which can be played individually with friends as well are skills may be improved under instructions of the coach and a part may be taken in monthly tournaments. During the Winter season there are 5 indoor beach fields available, in Summer season – 7 additional outdoor beach fields.


Beach volleyball

According to the research “Top of Latvian sports 2016” beach volleyball takes 3rd place from 50 most popular sports in 2016, increasing number of players around the world every year. For a weather in Latvia beach volleyball is a luxury sport, which is available in winter season on beaches of “Brazil” for  6 years already. Beach volleyball is not only a sport, but it is a team, summer feeling and active recreation as well.

Academy of beach volleyball

Academy of beach volleyball is for everyone willing to learn beach volleyball under management of professional coach. Classes available for different levels of skills and ages. For demonstration and improvement of skills there are tournaments organized for students of the academy on a regular basis.

Beach tennis

Beach tennis is the combination of beach volleyball, badminton and big tennis. From beach volleyball there is a size of the field, from badminton there is one shot and the net, in turn from tennis – the scoring system and the ball. The net is located in the height of 1.7 m. Beach tennis ball is similar to a kids ball from big tennis.

Beach football

Beach football is a kind of sport based on regulations of the traditional football. The game takes place on the sand of beach and there is a particular importance of the ball management technique. The beach sand due to its features makes players improvise and use different ways of technique to reach the result. The size of the fields allows players to score goals from any position, even a straight shot from other goal net.


BodyArt is developed to be available for everyone. This class includes power, medical and yoga exercises.


„Slackline” is available to be tried at individual classes, as well as within sports events. These classes will help to avoid or recreate after traumas and to keep the body fit during the entire winter season. Instructor Uģis Čakars will introduce beginners to “slackline” or balancing on the rope, as well as improve skills of experienced rope walkers.