Beach tennis is one of the most perspective beach sports, which has become popular in many countries of the world. It is an active way of spending spare time, helping to train the body, get attractive tan and free the mind from daily routine.
Popularity of beach tennis in Latvia has increased in past few years, therefore there is an unprecedented event coming up this summer – European championship of beach tennis. It will take place in Jūrmala from 12th to 15th of July.

In preparation for the big event, we are offering you to explore this kind of sport through following facts:

1. Beach tennis was invented in Italy in 70’s and nowadays is the second popular kind of sport in this country. There are more than 1600 beach tennis nets along the coast arranged.

2. Popularity of beach tennis in the world began to increase around year 2000, however now it is being played in 53 countries. It is one of the most popular kind of sport in Italy, Brazil and Argentina.

3. Beach tennis may be played at any age, it is popular among lots of sportsmen as they have started to play it after the end of active sports career.

4. Technique of the game is quick and easy to learn and you can easily get involved in team play even if you play for the first time.

5. Beach tennis is beloved by big tennis stars such as Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka, Rafael Nadal and other.

Are you interested? Then all you have to do is to come and try! How?

1. Just rent the area and come to play beach tennis together with friends.
Inventory is included in price of area rent. Administrator will provide you with short induction on rules of the game and will prepare the area appropriately.

2. Come to classes (in group or individual) provided in cooperation with Beach Tennis Club “BT Stars”.
“BT Stars” is one of the first and largest beach tennis clubs in Latvia. Our experienced coaches (popular players of beach tennis) offer exciting classes for players of all ages and levels. Classes are held according to programs developed in cooperation with club partners in Italy. We have the most famous coaches of Italy visiting “Brazīlija” on regular basis to train our students. Our students have the opportunity to learn tennis from inventors of tennis – Italians in our sport camps in Tuscany, Italy. Apply for classes with “BT Stars”: t. 29339920, btstars@inbox.lv.

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