Participants of the competition

All interested ones are welcome to participate in the tournament provided they have applied in a particular time and in a particular way. There are no restrictions related to age or professional level.

Procedure of the competition and the system of gaming

The tournament takes place according to principle of group tournaments. In group tournaments players are classified after the rating points – the ones with the same number of rating points or the ones without rating points at all (they do a raffle on the their place in the group tournament). The number of groups is detected depending on the number of applicants. Each group consists of four players, who after each set by swapping partners and by collection of points individually, clarify the division of positions in the group. After the first tour two best players of each group are entitled to participate in the Fight of the Big Brazilian, where there is another new group or groups created and the game proceeds according to the same previously mentioned principles. The winner takes a title of the month “The Big Brazilian”.

After the group tournament players of 3rd and 4th positions are divided into groups and play the game according to the same system. The winner of this game takes the title of the month “The Small Brazilian”.

Financial conditions

Participation fee of the tournament – 15,00 EUR from player.


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