Class timetable: 10:00-11:00
Tuesday – joga
Thursday – bodyart
Classes run by: certified instructress of BodyArt Laura Timoško
Price: 10 EUR per class
subscription for 10 classes – 65 EUR (subscription valid for 2 months)

About a joga class:

Fitness yoga classes will help to strengthen the body, improve the metabolism and the posture in a gentle and effective way. There are exercises performed in classes that relax the muscles of the back and the neck, improve the flexibility and mobility of joints.

About a bodyart class:

These classes will be enjoyed by people, who do not have a target to unload, but to receive wholesome and controlled load, to listen to him/herself and his/her body and to acknowledge their moves, in order to become stronger, more flexible, better looking and with a nice posture.

BodyArt is developed to be available for everyone. This class includes power, medical and yoga exercises. At the very beginning of the class there is concentration to his/herself, his/her body, a breath – to his/her internal “me”. All exercises and postures of BodyArt simultaneously train several muscle groups. In quite a few postures of BodyArt an accelerated balancing technique, turning enhanced attention to the centre of body.  As a result of conscious control of motions, a higher coordination level is reached in both cerebral hemispheres and a purposive use of breathing technology ensures the rest during the class.

In class of BodyArt central breathing is used – it means breathing with a support of larynx, this helps to keep postures at least 30 seconds and to enter into them even deeper, to open even wider and to spindle even higher. The class of BodyArt is based in polarity principle of Yin and Yan – inhale-exhale, open-close, up-down, etc.

Monta Kokorēviča
Tel.: +371 27858720